Things to do in Granada

Get inspired and make the most of your visit.

Looking for information about what to do in Granada? History, gastronomy, art and a lot of beauty. Grenada has it all. Strolling through its streets, savouring its gastronomy, discovering its monuments and enjoying its art is an experience that every travel lover should experience at least once in a lifetime.
Here you will find the best selection of activities, museums, monuments, accommodations, viewpoints, restaurants or bars that you can enjoy in Granada. Useful information and tips that will make your visit to Granada a unique experience. Discover all that this magical city has to offer.


1. Visiting the monuments
best rated in the city.

To deny it, the jewel of the city is undoubtedly the Alhambra, but there is so much more. Granada treasures a great variety of monuments that are among the most beautiful and historic in Spain. From an eleventh century hammam to the first Renaissance Cathedral in Spain. Vestiges of the past that remind us of the Arab domination of the city and imposing churches and monasteries that take us back to Christian times. Did you know that the Catholic Monarchs rested in Granada? Their Royal Chapel and many other gems of the city are waiting for you.
Strolling through its streets and visiting its monuments are essential things you should do in Granada.
Discover our selection of the 10 most important monuments in Granada, choose your favorites and include them in your travel route.


2. Discovering the city
with a local guide

Capital of an independent kingdom and last stronghold of al-Andalus. Land of encounter and misunderstanding, mixture of civilizations. Nearly five centuries of Muslim rule go a long way.
We know that Granada has a lot of history, but reading about it is not the same as having it told to you by local expert guides as you walk through its streets, squares and monuments.
A guided tour in Granada is undoubtedly the best option if you really want to get to know all the historical legacy of this magical city.
Away from overcrowded groups, we are committed to sustainable tourism. All our guided tours are for small private groups . and are designed with the utmost care. In addition, with your visit you contribute to planting trees and reforesting the most needy areas of the city.
The best cultural, themed or hiking tours in Granada are waiting for you. Choose yours and venture into the fascinating history, customs and traditions of the last stronghold of Al-Andalus.
Ah, you can also surprise your loved ones with a completely personalized and tailor-made itinerary.
Get to know all our guided tours and experiences in Granada.


3. Savor
the authentic granaino and +

01. Quality, variety and flavor

Granada is a great place to eat. The city’s gastronomy is very varied, from tapas and local dishes to the most innovative designs. If you are looking for the ideal place to eat this is your section. Here you will find the best selection of restaurants and bars in town. Fusion, traditional, veggie, romantic, haute cuisine, … we have them all.

02. Local gastronomy

Are you a foodie? Do you want to discover the authentic gastronomy of Granada?…the one of all the life. Fresh local products and recipes passed down from generation to generation. Here you will find the most complete information about the gastronomy of Granada: its most characteristic dishes, its tapas, its history and several useful tips. Choose your favourite dish and find the ideal bar or restaurant to enjoy it.


4. To know the charm of
the Palatine City

A city of castles, gardens and palaces, where
the walls whisper poems of the past.
Visiting the Alhambra is undoubtedly the
Must Do. No. 1 in Granada. It is the jewel
of Andalusian art, a World Heritage Site and
one of the most impressive monuments
the world. Tour its imposing Palaces
Nazaríes, contemplating the panoramic views
from its Alcazaba or lose yourself in its
The wonderful gardens are a unique
experience. It is huge and you can spend hours
touring it. Here you have the most complete
information about the Alhambra so that
you can prepare yourin the best
possible way.

visit granada, lattices of the alhambra


5. Give the gift of
an unforgettable sunset.

Granada is a city of vertigo, full of hills that are definitely worth climbing. One of the most beautiful sunsets in the world will be waiting for you from its countless viewpoints. No matter when you visit, each season brings with it an unforgettable landscape.
Most of Granada’s viewpoints are located in the neighborhoods of the Albaicín, Sacromonte or Realejo. Some are easy to find, others not so easy to find.
Enjoying the colourful sunsets of Granada with the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada in the background is an experience not to be missed.
Here you will discover the best viewpoints of Granada, choose your favorites and write them down for your next visit to Granada.


6. Do something fun
the whole family.

Are you coming with the whole family and don’t know what to do in Granada, are you looking for a special plan for the little ones to have an unforgettable day?
Although many of the activities we show you in other sections of this guide are plans that you can enjoy as a family, here we will give you information on those that are especially designed for the enjoyment of the youngest members of the family.
Spending a morning in the Science Park or bird watching in the Padul Lagoon are some of the plans that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Acequia Real de la Alhambra

Acequia Real of the Alhambra. History, nature and hiking

Acequia Real of the Alhambra. History, nature and hiking 600 500 Andalucia360

You’ve probably visited the Alhambra and enjoyed its pools, fountains and gardens, but where does all this water come from? Let’s get to know the Acequia Real de la Alhambra,…

Science Park. Family fun

Science Park. Family fun 399 267 Andalucia360

In this post you will discover the most interesting contents of the Science Park of Granada (Parque de las Ciencias de Granada). We will give you some tips on how…

padul lagoon in Granada

Padul Lagoon. Granada

Padul Lagoon. Granada 399 267 Andalucia360

The laguna de El Padul is a wetland very close to the city of Granada. You can enjoy wonderful views from its wooden walkways and watch the birds from its…


7. Miss
through the Albaicín

01. The most complete guide

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Albaicin is the most famous and historic district of Granada. Its history, monuments, cisterns, churches, alleys, squares, carmenes,…you will find it all in this free guide of the Albaicín.

02. Your best complement

Although getting lost in the Albaicín is advisable, even a must, we make it a little more difficult for you with this guide.
Download it in PDF format and discover how it becomes the perfect companion for your adventure in the Albaicín.


8. Overnight stay
in a charming place

Discover the best selection of hotels and apartments in Granada. Granada has a wide variety of accommodations that will make your stay unforgettable. From 15th century Moorish houses to charming apartments with stunning views of the Alhambra. Don’t waste your time comparing between dozens of accommodations, with this selection of 18 hotels, 12 apartments and 2 eco hostels you won’t fail for sure. All of them have a special charm and the most competitive price, do not miss yours.

Donde dormir en Granada
Charming accommodations

Our selection

Hotels and apartments you won’t want to leave. If visiting Granada is already an experience that rejoices the soul, completing it by choosing the best accommodation and knowing that you are sure to get it right is even more rewarding.
Discover our selection of the best accommodations in Granada and enjoy your stay.


9. Vibrate with
the art of Flamenco


Visiting a flamenco tablao

In Granada you can breathe and live flamenco.
Undoubtedly, the tablaos of the flamenco caves are the best place to enjoy this art. There is a wide range of shows: in the Albaicín or in Sacromonte, with or without dinner, with or without transportation, more or less touristy.
Here you will find our recommendation to enjoy the best flamenco show in Granada and spend a night with a lot of art.


Let them tell you about flamenco

Granada is flamenco. Cradle of great artists and of the zambra granaína. Discover all its history and its artists in the only flamenco-themed tour in Granada.
Tour through the Albaicín and Sacromonte to enjoy the sound of the flamenco guitar, vibrate with the flamenco cajón or meet one of the greatest exponents of the Sacromonte zambra. Warning! This is not a flamenco show, but a complete 3-hour sensory experience.


Discovering flamenco on your own

Do you want toknow more about flamenco and its close relationship with Granada?
Here you will find all the information about the flamenco clubs in Granada, the bars where you can listen to flamenco or the monuments dedicated to this art that you can find in the streets of Granada.
Did you know that the first flamenco singing contest in Spain was held in the Alhambra? Discover this and much more in our article dedicated to the “Flamenco de los granainos“.


10. Soak up history
in the city’s museums

A rainy day and you want to make the most of your time in Granada? What better way to do it than visiting its museums.
Granada has a wide variety of museums with different themes. Learn all about Granada’s most universal writer, Federico García Lorca, enjoy the best existing collection of Hispano-Muslim art or discover the personal belongings of the Catholic Monarchs are some of the plans we propose in this section.
Come in and see the best selection of museums in Granada.

Centro federico García Lorca de Granada


11. Take a trip
more environmentally and socially responsible

01. 1 visit = 1 tree

Did you know that we plant trees?. By booking any of our guided tours you are contributing to the planting of a tree or shrub. A small green fee aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of each traveler. Learn more about the project!.

02. Water map

Did you know that Granada water is delicious?
We put at your disposal a map with all the sources of drinking water in Granada. With this simple tool we facilitate access to our most precious commodity and reduce the purchase of bottled water. Sign up for sustainable tourism.


12. Walking together
to water in Grenada

¿Acaba de llegar o cree que ya ha aprovechado al máximo su visita a Granada? ¡Siempre hay cosas que hacer! Aquí te proponemos una actividad sana, relajante y gratuita. Varios recorridos a pie en los que el agua le acompañará en todo momento. Descubra los paseos más bonitos de Granada.

Carrera del Darro en Granada