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Looking for accommodation in Granada. Discover the best selection of charming accommodation in the city. Moorish houses, old palaces, boutique hotels, sustainable or with the best views of the Alhambra. Hotels and flats that will make your stay in Granada an unforgettable experience.


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Choosing the perfect accommodation is not always an easy task. It’s a frustrating feeling to arrive with excitement and find something that falls short of your expectations – it’s happened to all of us.

To make your life easier, we have prepared the best selection of charming accommodation that Granada has to offer: 18 hotels, 12 flats and 2 eco hostels that really have something special. Compare, get inspired and find your ideal accommodation at the best price.


1. A well-deserved rest
surrounded by history

01. Moorish houses

Houses built or refurbished in the 16th century that still retain their original form and layout. Arches, plasterwork, beautiful patios and spectacular wooden coffered ceilings await you.

02. Convents

Authentic jewels of Granada’s history converted into hotels. Galleries with semicircular arches, Corinthian columns or impressive chapels. Perfect combination of luxury and art.

03. Palaces

Tradition, design and avant-garde. From 16th century Renaissance mansions to 19th century palaces and stately homes. Exquisitely restored hotels that will transport you to other times.

hotel Eurostars Catedral

Eurostars Catedral

Magnificent 4* hotel located in the center of Granada, next to the Cathedral. History, comfort and avant-garde design at a very competitive price. Enjoy a well-deserved rest next to one of the masterpieces of the Spanish Renaissance.

Rating: 9,4 From: 56€

Rating: 9,4 From: 55 €

Palacio de Santa Paula

Palacio de Santa Paula

Former 16th century convent and 12th century Moorish house converted into a beautiful 5-star hotel. Declared a historical and artistic monument, it has 75 rooms. Perfect combination of history, modernity and luxury in the heart of downtown.

Rating: 9,0 From: 130 €

hotel Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace

Located near the Alhambra and with 110 years of history, it is the most emblematic hotel in Granada. This 5* hotel, inspired by the Alhambra, has hosted many celebrities. Royalty, Hollywood stars, even the Dalai Lama.

Rating: 8,9 From: 325 €

Villa Oniria hotel

Villa Oniria

Centrally located 4* hotel with 31 rooms in a beautiful 19th century mansion which has managed to preserve its historic character. Neoclassical interiors, traditional courtyard, spa and a relaxing aromatic garden await you.

Rating: 9 From: 90 €

Palacio de los Patos

Palacio de los Patos

Beautiful 5* hotel located in a 19th century palace, listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest. It has a small spa and a good restaurant. Elegant blend of contemporary and historical elegance in the heart of downtown.

Rating: 9 From: 123 €

Patio de la Casa del Capitel Nazari

Casa del Capitel Nazarí

16th century palace renovated into a cosy 3* hotel located in the Albaicín. Tuscan columns, Corinthian capitals and Renaissance coffered ceilings await you in this magnificent 18-room hotel.

Rating: 8,8 From: 85 €


2. Dreaming
of the best views

01. Jewels of the Albaicín

The Albaicín hides authentic gems where you can stay and enjoy Granada’s most emblematic quarter. Tastefully renovated accommodation awaits you in a district listed as a World Heritage Site.

02. The Red Castle

The Alhambra is in front of the Albaicin, on the Sabika hill. Enjoying a sunset with the Alhambra illuminated and the white Sierra Nevada behind is amazing, but doing it from your accommodation is unique.

03. Heart of Granada

The Albaicín is the origin of Granada. It was chosen by the Iberians to settle in the 7th century B.C. Later came the Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs. To stay in the Albaicín is to stay in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Spain.

Alojamiento con vistas a la Alhambra

Shine Albayzin

Old restored mansion from the 16th century. It represents a perfect combination of design and history in a magical setting. Beautiful 3* boutique hotel with 12 rooms, some of them with incredible views of the Alhambra.

Rating: 9 From: 90 €

Casa Bombo hotel

Casa Bombo

For the more adventurous, a very special B&B - Suites. Located in the upper part of the Albaicín, this amazing B&B lacks nothing. Nice rooms, terrace with panoramic views of the Alhambra and even a small swimming pool.

Rating: 9,1 From: 89 €

Alojamiento en Granada Casa 1800

Hotel Casa 1800

16th century building renovated into a stunning 3-star boutique hotel. Located on the Carrera del Darro, one of the most beautiful streets in Spain, it has some rooms with unforgettable views of the Alhambra.

Rating: 9,1 From: 54 €

Hotel Casa Morisca

Hotel Casa Morisca

An old Moorish house from the end of the 15th century, now restored into a small charming hotel. Located in the heart of the Albaicín, it is an ideal place to find peace and quiet and admire the Alhambra from one of its rooms.

Rating: 9,2 From: 130 €

Alojamiento en Granada Casa del Cantaor

Casa del Cantaor

If you are a flamenco lover and want to sleep in the house where the legendary Enrique Morente was born, this is your chance. Beautiful flats located in the Albaicín with views of the Alhambra. Choose your favourite and become part of the Morente universe.

Rating: 9,4 From: 75 €

hotel palacio de Santa Ines

Palacio de Santa Inés

Quaint and elegant 3* hotel with 35 rooms located in 2 small 16th century Mudejar buildings. Original Renaissance paintings, marvellous coffered ceilings and breathtaking views of the Alhambra await you in the Albaicín.

Rating: 8,9 From: 115 €


3. Sleeping in a place
with its own identity

01. Emblematic

Historic buildings restored with great care and detail. Discover its charm and be part of history.

02. Intimates

Accommodations with few rooms where you can feel at home. Comfort and the best rest in an intimate environment.

03. Only

No two are alike, accommodations with their own personality and identity. Stay away from the conventional.

Alojamiento en Casa Palacete 1822

Casa Palacete 1822

Small 19th century mansion restored into an original 4* hotel. Each of its 6 rooms is unique and themed in different countries. Immerse yourself in a combination of luxury and multiculturalism in the center of Granada.

Rating: 9,3 From: 95 €

hotel en Granada Room Mate Leo

Room Mate Leo

Are you looking for something modern and designer? This 3-star boutique hotel in the heart of the city centre is sure to surprise you. Rooms decorated in black, white and gold, designer furniture and unforgettable sunsets from its terrace.

Rating: 9,1 From: 62 €

Alojamiento Palacio de los Navas en Granada

Palacio de los Navas

An icon of 16th century architecture converted into an elegant 3* hotel with 19 rooms. From a hospital to a mint to a convent, this palace has a lot of history. Undoubtedly, a cozy and magical place in the heart of the city.

Rating: 9 From: 69 €


Gar-Anat Hotel Boutique

Carefully restored 17th century building converted into a beautiful 3* boutique hotel. It preserves original parts such as the courtyard and the 13th-century cistern. Each of its 15 rooms has its own charm. Perfect option to stay in the center.

Rating: 8,9 From: 58 €


4. Travelling and feeling
at home

01. In petit comité

Enjoy the privacy of an accommodation just for you and your loved ones. Traveling with the family without sacrificing comfort.

02. Flexible

As a couple, with friends or with the whole family? Flats adapted to all types and sizes of travellers.

03. Elegant

Tastefully and elegantly restored apartments. Perfect harmony between the historical and the sophisticated.

Shine Alcaiceria de Granada

Shine Alcaicería

Modern aparthotel with 1 or 2-bedroom accommodations. Located in the center, in the old Alcaicería (commercial area) of Granada. All of them have a nice living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom.

Rating: 9,4 From: 70 €

Casa Dormir en Granada Cuesta del agua

Casa Cuesta del Agua

16th century noble house renovated into 7 fantastic flats distributed around a Mudejar courtyard. Tranquility, comfort and charm. It is located in the lower part of the Albaicín, less than 5 minutes from the center.

Rating: 8,4 From: 48 €

dormir en Granada Elvira Suites

Elvira Suites

Beautifully restored building in the city centre with modern and spacious 1 or 2 bedroom flats. No detail is missing. Accommodation with perfect harmony between tradition, modernity and elegance.

Rating: 9,3 From: 59 €

Dormir en Granada Smart Suites

Smart Suites Albaicín

Stunning 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. Located in the Albaicín neighborhood, these modern and cheerful apartments lack nothing. Special mention to the Penthouse with private pool and views to the Cathedral and the Alhambra.

Rating: 9,2 From: 48 €

Carmen de Ramilla Granada

Carmen de Ramilla

Would you like to sleep in an authentic Granadian Carmen in the Albaicín? Fully equipped 1 or 2 bedroom flats, a beautiful garden and a small swimming pool. They also offer the possibility of renting the whole carmen.

Rating: 9,1 From: 75 €

Palacio de Cabrera Lillo

Palacio Cabrera Lillo

Located in the heart of the city centre, this renovated 19th-century palace offers beautiful flats with 1 or 2 bedrooms. A peaceful central courtyard and elegant, classic interiors with a combination of wood, marble and wrought iron.

Rating: 9,1 From: 58 €


5. Staying near
the Palatine City

01. Alhambra

The Alhambra is undoubtedly Granada’s main attraction. Every year about 3 million people visit this marvel of Nasrid art.

02. Proximity

Did you know that you can sleep inside the Alhambra itself? There are also other interesting options in the surrounding area.

03. Tranquility

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre? In the surroundings of the Alhambra you will find that wonderful tranquillity.

Eurostars Washington Irving

Eurostars Washington Irving

Less than 5 minutes from the Alhambra is this historic 5* hotel, reopened in 2016. Its interior is set in the stories of the American writer Washington Irving and his famous tales of the Alhambra.

Rating: 9,3 From: 119 €

Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol

Carmen Alcubilla del Caracol

Charming 3* hotel with 7 rooms located less than 10 minutes from the Alhambra. It is located in an old carmen, the typical house of Granada. Tradition and tranquility with stunning views of the Vega de Granada and Sierra Nevada.

Rating: 8,5 From: 135 €

Apartamentos Mauror habitación

Mauror Apartments

A late 19th century building renovated into 9 modern and spacious 1, 2 or 3 bedroom flats. Located next to the Puerta de las Granadas, the access to the forest of the Alhambra. Spacious and modern apartments with all amenities.

Rating: 9,8 From: 81 €

Parador de San Francisco

Parador de San Francisco

It is the Parador de Granada and is literally inside the Alhambra. Specifically, in an old Nasrid palace, of which there are still remains. Impressive views of the Generalife gardens, good restaurant and unequaled tranquility.

Rating: 8,9 From: 290 €


6. Are you ECO

01. Green Soul

Plastic reduction, recycling, proximity purchasing, products without additives, solar energy, bioclimatic architecture,… Different ways to contribute to a more sustainable world.

02. Slow Travel

Leave the rush behind. Travel at your own pace, soak up the sights, enjoy the relaxation, savour the local food, take in the scenery and discover the local customs.

03. Nature

Breathing fresh air, enjoying the silence, getting in touch with nature. A revitalizing disconnection to escape from the frenetic pace and recharge your batteries.

La Bobadilla hotel en Granada

La Bobadilla 5* GL

Although it is located in the Sierra de Loja, halfway between Granada and Malaga, we could not miss the best boutique hotel in Spain. The surroundings, its undeniable charm and its eco slow philosophy make it a real haven of peace. An icon of sustainable luxury.

Rating: 9,1 From: 206 €

Patio Hotel Santa Isabel La Real

Hotel Santa Isabel La Real

Small charming 3* hotel with 11 rooms located in the Albaicín. Sustainability is taken very seriously here. Recycling, consumption of local products, reduction of plastics, they even make their own air fresheners and delicious desserts without preservatives or additives.

Rating: 9,2 From: 83 €

terraza de Broz hostal Granada

Broz Hostel

100% ECO friendly hostel designed from a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Newly built, it offers modern private or shared rooms and features the latest in bioclimatic technology. It is located in the Ronda neighborhood, 10 minutes from the Cathedral.

Rating: 9,7 From: 51 €

Eco Hostel Granada

Eco Hostel Gran Vía

A new concept of urban hostel with an innovative design related to nature and recycling. Located on the city's most central avenue, it offers modern private rooms and shared rooms for up to 6 people. Close treatment and the best atmosphere.

Rating: 8,2 From: 62 €

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