icono de turismo sostenible en andalucia
Going towards

Responsible tourism in Andalusia

We want our company to be sustainable with society and with the environment. Day to day we work to improve little things that can contribute to a better world.

01. Responsible with Andalusian society

How we do it?

After contacting neighbours and institutions, from Andalucia 360 we’ve adopted a company policy with very clear objectives; to improve the relationship between tourism and the city.

Improve the experience
More authentic for the visitor and better for the city’s image.

Contribute to coexistence
Putting our grain of sand for the coexistence of neighbors and travelers.

Take care of the Heritage
Raise awareness of the values of the material and immaterial heritage.

Local development
Encourage the growth of the local economy, especially handcrafts.

Less noise and more gamey
  • Reducing the number of people per group has been demanded some time ago.
    There have been cases where there have been even up to 50 participants. Our guided tours are limited to 10 travelers. It’s math; smaller groups, less noise.

  • It isn’t strange to see guides with speakers walking the streets. Just think how you would feel if they stopped right by your window on a summer afternoon, In all historic quarters we implement a high quality wireless group guide system starting from groups with 6 people. With these devices the guide can speak in a low voice and the visitors can hear correctly.

  • We don’t offer activities related to so- called “get drunk” tourism. Bachelor’s Parties is one of the hot issues in the historical centers of the Andalusian capitals. We bet on culture, gastronomy, nature and adventure.

  • We don’t work with noisy establishments or businesses. We don’t exercise our right on the complaint of one person, but on the public outcry of the neighbors.

  • We will avoid routes between 14:00 and 16:00 hours and between 00:00 and 08:00 if it concerns urban surroundings to respect the neighbors rest.

Reserving your experience
  • Large groups block the street and furthermore in the narrow Andalusian urbanism. We limit groups to 10 people in the historic quarters as well as in natural spaces.

  • We don’t work with Segway in historical quarters. Many of the neighbors’ complaints are motivated by the invasion of the pedestrian space by motor vehicles. To us Segway seems an interesting proposal to get to know the city, but sometimes it comes into conflict with the pedestrians.

  • We don’t work with businesses that invade the thoroughfare. There are pedestrian streets in Andalusia that have been taken over completely by bars and restaurants.

  • Our groups journeys are not carried out by public transport in saturated areas. Sometimes the inhabitants cannot use the buses because they are full of tourist.

  • The historical quarters of the Andalusian capitals need less road traffic, there exists circulation problems. In saturated zones we will not use private buses, since they generate traffic, noise and pollution.

  • We can’t stop from showing you the most popular places. However we design alternative routes and we make an effort to design touristic experiences in the least crowded places of the city. Check our special products.

The only trail we leave behind is our footprint
  • We can’t require you not to consume bottled water, but we’ll make it easier for you not to do so. The routes are designed to follow water sources when possible. So we can reduce the consumption of bottled water.

  • Sometimes it’s as easy as using Google Maps, or apps as Where is Public Toilet, to find one. Our guides will urge the participants to use public or private bathrooms.

  • In most cases our activities don’t require the consumption of packed products in the thoroughfare. Should it be necessary, the tasting menus and sample tastes will always be carried out in controlled areas and our guides will guarantee the recovery of any waste.

Respect and empathy
  • Our guides raise awareness about the importance of Vital Space. The historic quarters are living spaces, which is precisely one of the most appreciated values of our travelers.

  • We don’t work with to rent tourist flats in the so-called conflict zones, which basically are the historical centers of the Andalusian capitals. Apart from them we cooperate with legal dealers.

  • We don’t go into the courtyards of private homes to show you daily life, unless we have express consent from the owner or the community.

  • Not everybody likes to be photographed, in consequence it’s convenient to ask permission to do it, especially in the event of children. Andalucía’s 360 good practice rule book for its guides considers recommending the participants to take photographs respectfully.

Working within the law
  • Almost all our audio visual content is developed by us, but sometimes we use the work of other developers with the expressed permit or licensed by Creative Commons. We don’t copy the work or contents of other creative developers.

  • Andalucía 360’s guides always have a regulated training in history, art history and tourism and are also holders, if asked for, of the Tourism Board’s Official Interpreter or Guide identity card. Unqualified professional practice harms tourism.

  • Until not very long ago historians and art historians were demanding their right to obtain an Official Tourism Guide Diploma. Nowadays, it’s possible. From Andalucía we always look for the best professional historians.

02. Responsible with the environment in Andalusia

How we do it?

We have a worldwide environmental problem. We live surrounded by smoke, garbage and plastic waste. From Andalucía 360 we want to advance in the development of a company sustainable with the environment. For which we’ve adopted a series of measures with well-defined objectives.

Reduce C02 emissions
Walk around more and expel less smoke. In conclusion, pollute less.

Reduce Material Consumption
Less overall material consumption, specifically plastics.

Encourage local consumption
Support and favor the consumption of local or nearby products.

Create collective awareness
Stress the importance of the resources and places as a collective good.

Handcraft and Local Consumption; What’s from here.
  • Our activities promote handcraft, specially related to gastronomy, since it has a primary purpose. Andalusia is a land of artisans. We demand art craft over souvenirs.

  • Cooperation with the local suppliers that carry out their activity in Andalusia. With this measure the consumption of local products is stimulated and CO2 emissions due to transport are reduced.

Less smoke, less consumption
  • For each guided visit at Andalucia 360 we donate part of the money collected to different reforestation projects which are carried out at the location where your visit takes place.
    This is one of our main measures to reduce the carbon footprint at the destination. Besides discovering new places, you’ll contribute to a sustainable touristic model. Would you like to know how it works?.


  • With the use of wireless group guide systems we can reduce noise between 20 and 25 decibels. We reduce acoustic contamination considerably.

  • We promote the use of public water fountains and basins to reduce the consumption of bottled water. Our routes are,whenever possible, designed having these water spots in mind. And our guides will inform you of their location.

  • We use the least paper possible, but what we use is recycled or comes from responsible sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The paper we use is also qualified as TCF, “totally free of chlorine” which uses alternative products as oxygen and ozone. It’s not necessary to carry the booking receipt, bring it along digitally on your phone.

  • Recycling. When we need to buy equipment we always make sure that they have the least plastic possible and have been produced nearby. But when we have the possibility, we look for old equipment and give them a new life. Discover the story behind our stools.

  • The umbrellas are made of recycled plastic, metal and wood. The headphone bags are linen, and for every one of our organic material backpacks a tree has been planted. And this is just the beginning.

Mobility, recycling and respect
  • All equipment used in our office, as well as outside of it is duly recycled. Mobile devices, wireless group guide systems, paper, perishable material etc.., there’s a place for everything.

  • We make up part of the Andalusian Network against Climate Change. Our commitment with the environment has a place in this network of companies and institutions that fight to build a better Andalusia.

    Red andaluza contra el cambio climatico

  • Andalucia 360 is an on-line travel agency that almost exclusively works digitally. All our communication with our clients and suppliers is carried out through email or telephone so we can reduce the use of paper to the minimum necessary. Administration and accounting is done with management software on which invoices and other documents are only issued and kept in digital format.

  • Our activities in the historical quarters are made to develop pedestrian activity or with means of transportation that are less invasive and don’t pollute, like bicycles.

  • Amongst our services we don’t consider activities where interaction with animal for entertainment is carried out. We respect the value and validity of the Andalusian traditions, but we steer our company forward with future vision.

Sources of inspiration to travel responsibly

inspiration sustainable tourism in andalucia
inspiration sustainable tourism in andalucia
inspiration sustainable tourism in andalucia

Raising Awareness

Commitment with sustainable tourism goes through taking initiatives. From Andalucía 360 we have available 3 means of working for actively raising the awareness of the travelers.

01. A responsible Guide

The guides carry out the task of making the travelers aware. The problems of every place are explained as well as recommendations to make your journey more sustainable.

02. An Awareness Blog

Andalucía 360’s blog has a special category available: “Responsible Tourism”. This theme contains valuable information, tips, and recommendations to make your journey more sustainable.

03. The neighbor’s voice

We want to give voice to the neighbors with a series of videos where they set forth their demands and claims. After all they are always there, they’re part of the place you visit; travelers are just passing by.

Andalucía 360
opens to Dialogue

We’re all ears and are open to discussion. We want to listen to the neighbors and visitors’ opinions. We would like to listen to your complaints, suggestions and proposals.

Have you thought of anything? Let us know

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