5 charming restaurants in Cádiz for healthy eating


5 charming restaurants in Cádiz for healthy eating

5 charming restaurants in Cádiz for healthy eating 600 434 Andalucia360

This post about restaurants with charmfrom Cadiz to eat healthy is dedicated to our customers. They often ask us for recommendations on where they can eat healthily and responsibly. So here we have summarised several options where either vegetarian food or local products are served.

NOTE: All the restaurants are in Cádiz, that is, in the old town of Cádiz. As is customary in the capital of Cadiz, from the city walls outwards it is Puerta Tierra.


In the beautiful Plaza de la Candelaria you can find Sonámbulo, a charming restaurant that combines Mediterranean and modern cuisine with many vegan and gluten-free options. Like the next two restaurants we are going to tell you about, they have an excellent rating from diners. The restaurant features plants, wood and metal furniture and ceramic floors. The poetics is present in its food, its decoration and in its slogan: “For people who walk while they sleep”. Booking phone number on Facebook.

restaurant Sonabulo Cadiz

Cosy restaurant in Cadiz, Sonámbulo (Photo PDP, 2018, Tripadvisor).


This restaurant “veganises” traditional dishes while retaining all their flavour. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options are available. It is one of the best rated restaurants in Cádiz by its visitors, just take a look at its Tripadvisor profile. Its diners highlight the extensive menu, the excellent service and the charming decoration. Undoubtedly one of the best options for healthy eating in Cádiz is “La Veganesa”. Telephone for reservations on Facebook.

la Veganesa Cádiz

Vegan flavours in Cádiz, you have to know la Veganesa.


Another extraordinary vegan option in Cádiz is the stall in the Central Market of Las Niñas Veganas. They prepare tall the tapas without gluten, dairy or eggs. All their meals are made daily with local produce. They prepare stews, rice dishes, meals with original sauces, and they also organise charity raffles. Another attraction of eating at Las Niñas Veganas is to visit the Central Market. They are located at stall 103 and it is really worth a visit to the market, as almost everything they sell is from the province of Cadiz. Location on Google Maps.

Las Niñas Veganas de Cádiz

The most original stall of the Central Market of Cádiz, Las Niñas Veganas de Cádiz.


There are several old and traditional taverns in Cádiz, but perhaps “El Mantecas” is the most famous. It has been in business for almost 70 years and thousands of anonymous people and many celebrities have passed through its bar. Its walls are covered with bullfighting, flamenco and very Andalusian memorabilia.

It was originally a grocery store, but the tapas they served encouraged customers to spend some time in the establishment. It is also not unusual for a cantaor or cantaora (flamenco singer) to burst into song to the strains of flamenco guitars. They serve chicharrones (pieces of fried pork belly) in brown paper, good cheeses from Cádiz and tins of preserves. Here you can’t book and you have to arrive early, we leave you the location on Google Maps.

casa mantecas de Cadiz

In Cadiz there are many establishments with tradition, but perhaps Casa Mantecas is one of the most famous.


The neighbourhood of La Viña is the fishermen’s neighbourhood par excellence of Cádiz. It borders the famous Caleta beach, where the fishermen’s boats are moored. La Viña used to be a very humble neighbourhood but nowadays it is full of bars and restaurants. At weekends it tends to get quite crowded and although there are many tourists, it is still one of the favourite places for lunch or dinner in Cádiz.

There is nothing more typical in La Viña than Caballa con Piriñaca (Mackerel). It is a dish made with fresh, local produce. Mackerel is an oily fish rich in high quality proteins and with a high content of vitamins B12. It is also a source of minerals such as selenium, phosphorus and potassium. It is served grilled and the “piriñaca” is a raw mince of tomato, onion and red and green pepper.

Calle de la Palma Cádiz

Calle de la Palma in the neighbourhood of La Viña in Cádiz.

Other very authentic things that you can try are the “ortiguillas” (fried anemones), “papas aliñás” (potatoes cooked with canned mackerel, onion and plenty of oil), “cazón en adobo” and the “tortillitas de camarones” (a thin fried dough with shrimps). We will focus on the gastronomy of Cádiz in a future post.

Thank you

The article was written by Andalucía 360, but the recommendations come from two friends from Cádiz whom we would like to thank for their advice. Thanks Tamara and Cintia.

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