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Bars and restaurants in Almeria

7 bars in Almeria that you can't miss

Bars and restaurants in Almeria

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If you go to Almería you have to try one of these places. Some are long-established, others newer, but what unites them is excellent food and the flavour of Almeria.

A few years ago Almeria was difficult to put on the map even for many Spaniards. However, in the last few years almeria’s bars have come back into fashion, and especially the bars of Almeria. Part of the responsibility lies in the return of film shoots, the fantastic Cabo de Gata Natural Park and some sporting events.

And it seems that this was an unpolished diamond, as this year Almería has been awarded the prize of Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2019. And no wonder. In addition to the excellent quality products, Almeria’s recipe book has been based since ancient times on the precariousness of food. This fact has led to the development of ingenuity when it comes to preparing recipes and the maintenance of a series of traditional dishes that are now being revitalised and reinvented.

The tapas theme is particularly strong in this province. Not only because the drinks include a tapa and you can choose it, but also because the abundance and quality of bars is overwhelming.

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It is number 1 on Tripadvisor, so with this choice you will not fail. As they state on their website “we present a rich Mediterranean gastronomic offer – Traditional and Signature“. They serve pinchos, tapas and dishes, making it ideal for both lunch and dinner. It is located in the historic centre of the city.

A welcoming place to enjoy the flavours of Almeria with a touch of innovation.


Restaurante Casco Antiguo in Almería (© Restaurante Casco Antiguo).


It is outside the capital, but within its municipal boundaries. For this reason, and for its surroundings, it is well worth a trip from Almeria.

This restaurant has it all. Their fish is of extraordinary quality, every morning they go to the fish market to stock up on good material. The location is unbeatable, a fantastic terrace facing the endless beach of Cabo de Gata. Also during the weekend nights you can enjoy flamenco performances with local and national artists.

The coolest thing in front of the sea.


From the terrace of Peña Flamenca el Palmito (© Peña Flamenca el Palmito).


This is the lifetime bar par excellence. Years ago this area of the old town was almost empty. The only bar around here was the “Casa Puga”, a refuge for the people of the neighbourhood. Today the area is full of establishments, but even so, none can compete with the solera of the Casa Puga. The British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ includes it in its list of bars you must try in Almería. We recommend you try the fried cheese, which is very typical here.

Restaurant Casa Puga

Interior of Casa Puga, one of the most emblematic restaurants in the city (© Turismo Andaluz S.A. www.andalucia.org).


El Lengüetas de Almería is a kiosko. Kioskos are very small tapas bars that abound in the city. They are small or medium-sized establishments located in a square or park that serve only tapas and raciones. If you want to try one of the most authentic ones, “El Lenguetas” is one of the best options. They serve grilled fish and seafood, some say that the secret of this bar is in the grill, but you will have to find out for yourself. Undoubtedly one of the best bars in Almería. It is located in “Ciudad Jardín”, the exact location is shown on the map at the end of the post.


Tercios y tapas de pescado fresco bajo las sombrilla (Photo: Tripadvisor).


On the same fish market of the port is the Restaurant “La Lonja”, so you can imagine the quality of the food. It has a terrace with views of the fishing port and the city, but remember to book. Rice dishes and grilled fish are their strong points, but we recommend you try the jibia en salsa (cuttlefish in sauce). This recipe has a powerful flavour and is very typical of Almería.

bars-almeria_restaurant-fish market

Terrace overlooking the fishing port at Restaurante La Lonja (© Restaurante La Lonja).


This bar in the small hamlet of La Cañada serves high quality fresh fish tapas. When in almost all the bars in Almería a drink with a tapa costs more than two euros, here for 1.70 euros you get a top-quality tapa. It’s a neighbourhood bar, but if you don’t arrive at the right time, you’ll be left without a table. Every morning they hang their sign with the fresh fish of the day.


The Virgen del Carmen tapas bar is a very popular place.


For the more adventurous, the Al-Haud bar in the Pescadería neighbourhood is a good option. Located in one of the gypsy neighbourhoods and next to the fishing port of Almería. Pescadería or La Chanca was a suburb in the Andalusian period, although only a few remains of the walls have survived. This bar serves fresh quality fish and is frequented by the locals. We warn you that it is not a very touristy neighbourhood, although in our opinion it is one of the most authentic in Almería. In fact, you won’t find many references to it on the Internet.

To finish we leave you an interview with Curro Lucas, a journalist from Almeria and a great connoisseur of the gastronomy of Almeria. He will tell you about some innovative dishes and the bars in Almería that he likes the most.


As always we leave you a map with the locations of each bar or restaurant.

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