Viewpoints of Malaga. Contemplate the sea from the heights

One of the must-sees in Malaga

Viewpoints of Malaga. Contemplate the sea from the heights

Viewpoints of Malaga. Contemplate the sea from the heights 600 461 Andalucia360

We are going to make a tour of all the viewpoints of Malaga. There are not as many as in Granada, because the city is quite flat in general. But Malaga is surrounded by mountains facing the Mediterranean. In addition the mountains of Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba make it easy to gain height.

NOTE: To help you organize yourselves better we have created several sections. You can navigate through the index to get there faster. The location of each viewpoint can be found on the map at the end of the post.


We start with the viewpoints in the city of Malaga. They are usually quite accessible and can be reached on foot or by some of the urban bus lines.


We start with one of the newest, as it was built after the enhancement of the Roman Theater. It is located at the foot of the wall of the Alcazaba of Malaga and is accessed from the entrance to the Roman Theater. It is not a very high place, so the climb is gentle. It has several viewpoints and benches from which to take nice pictures.

It has a winter schedule (from 10:00 to 17:00h) and a summer schedule (from 10:00 to 20:00h), but the access is completely free.

Alcazaba of Malaga seen from the city

Alcazaba of Malaga seen from the walkway-viewpoint (photo: Veronika-Hradilova).


From the Jardines de Puerta Oscura to the south of the Alcazaba we will reach a series of pedestrian walkways called Jardines de la Subida a la Coracha. This is a restored area with walkways at various heights. It is not very high but the place is quite new and modern. The cranes of the port stand out among the trees of the Park of Malaga and the view gives to reach the City Hall of Malaga and the keep of the Alcazaba.

Perhaps it is not the best place to climb in summer, as it is almost completely devoid of vegetation and shade at the top. However, starting the climb from Don Juan Temboury it is wheelchair accessible. The restoration was completed in 2004 and even has an architectural award, but for tastes colors.

Ascent to the coracha of Gibralfaro

Left, in the old days (Ferdinandopo. Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0) ; right, now (Tyk, Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0).


A paid but really spectacular option is to climb to the Roofs of the Cathedral of Malaga. The climb is done through a spiral staircase of more than 200 steps inside the finished tower. On the terrace of the Cathedral everything is perfectly conditioned. Walkways have been installed to make the visit 100% safe. From the top you will enjoy 360º views of the city. The sea, the Mountains of Malaga, the Alcazaba,… everything at your fingertips.

The visit is done through a guided tour that is organized from the Cathedral itself. There are morning and afternoon tours. It is not accessible to all those who cannot climb the narrow spiral stairs. The price is 6 €, although there are reduced rates for different groups. Here you can book. But if you prefer a private tour of Malaga, at Andalucía 360 we are experts in the city.

Terrazas catedral de Málaga

Moments not to be forgotten on the roofs of the Cathedral of Malaga (© Malaga Cathedral).


We are now on our way to Pedregalejo. Shortly before arriving a pine-covered promontory borders the Mediterranean. It is known as the park of El Morlaco and has a curious history if ever there was one. It was a gypsum mine since the eighteenth century; then its galleries served as refuge during the Civil War; and in the 50’s the area was repopulated by its owners. Today it is for public use and has two gazebos with benches where you can rest, we indicate the location on the map at the end of the post.

We could say that it is a natural space in front of the sea and wrapped in the city. In fact it is common to see squirrels and, paying more attention, even chameleons or hedgehogs. The whole park is delimited by a fence that closes at night. In winter you should arrive before 20:00 h and in summer before 22:00 h, these are the closing hours.

mirador del Morlaco in Malaga

Blue hour at El Morlaco viewpoint in Malaga, incredible moment captured by © Blanca Carabias.

“Let’s continue our tour of the viewpoints of Malaga”


On the hill next to Morlaco Park is another promontory, but this time occupied by housing. The highest part is an abandoned private property where a group of friends used to meet. Being close to the house of one of the friends nicknamed Balpo, it stayed with that name. Although if you search on Google Maps you will find it under the name “I remember so much.”

It has fantastic views of the sea although it is off any tourist route imaginable today. As of today it is still an abandoned place, although perhaps in the future the land will be acquired and a nice wooded place will be built, so let’s dream for a change.

Mirador de Balpo in Malaga

Something about the sunsets makes us feel the moments in a special way (© Hugo Teruel).


The information found on the internet is confusing. It is usually located in the same place as the previous one, that of “Balpo”, or a little lower. The “Falcon” comes from Falcon Crest, the mythical television series, because of the similarity of some luxury homes in the area. Like the previous one, it has excellent panoramic views of the Bay of Malaga. It is the only viewpoint that we do not indicate on the map.

Sorry! We do not have a photo.


It is one of the highest viewpoints in the city although, unfortunately, doomed to disappear. The growth of the city and the regulations of fencing off undeveloped plots of land have already made the place quite uninteresting, although it is still worth a visit.

It can be reached by car, just indicate in the browser: Calle Mirador del Cerrado. From there you will see part of the Malagueta, the port, some of the mountains surrounding the city and, of course, the vast Mediterranean. It is one of those little-known viewpoints of Malaga.

Mirador del Cerrado de Málaga

You understand now what we were telling you about the fence, don’t you? Google Mapsphotograph of Mirador del Cerrado street.


What about seeing the Gibralfaro Castle from the north, well, from the Cerro de la Victoria it is possible. This mountain is located just behind the Gibralfaro mountain and has a higher elevation. Popularly and recently this viewpoint is known as “A pleasure to meet me”, a very original name typical of Malaga art, but of which we do not know its origin. It is an ideal place for seekers of infinite views. It is a viewpoint of Malaga frequented by local people, usually young people who come up to hang out and watch the sunset.

Mirador del cerro de la Victoria Málaga

Mirador del cerro de la Victoria photographed by © Alvaro Carrillo, we recommend you to see the rest of the photos he uploaded to Maps.


The Alcazaba is situated on a hill right in front of the sea. Which makes it an ideal place for viewpoints.


There are actually dozens of places with fabulous views on the ascent to the Alcazaba of Malaga. The walkable parapets on the wall are good places to take photos both in the morning and at sunset. We highlight the path on the southeast wall that leads to the keep. Also the parapet between the gate of the Vaída Vault and the Gate of the Columns. Nor can you miss a stop at the Plaza de Armas. We tell you more about these places in the Alcazaba de Málaga post.

Plaza de Armas de la Alcazaba de Málaga

Relaxing moment at the Plaza de Armas of the Alcazaba of Málaga (Wojtek Gurak. Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0).


From the courtyard of the Surtidores, former courtyard of the Taifa palace, you can access through a brick staircase to one of the most interesting viewpoints of Malaga. From the top of the Alcazaba we will have stunning panoramic views of the city. The Manquita or the Cathedral of Malaga, stands out over the skyline of the city along with the rest of the bell towers of the Malaga temples. Since from up here you can see the Picasso Museum, we take the opportunity to recommend you to know the history of Malaga and Picasso.

Mirador Alcazaba de Málaga

Mirador with Málaga as protagonist (Paolo Trabattoni. Flickr. CC BY 2.0).


As you cross the north hall of the Taifa palace you will reach an incredible balcony overlooking the sea, one of our favorite places and an obligatory stop on the guided tours of the Alcazaba. According to research this space was already configured as a viewpoint in the eleventh century, the time of construction of the palace.

viewpoint of the Alcazaba of Málaga

Viewpoint to the port of Málaga, in medieval times the sea reached almost below the walls.

While touring the rooms of this beautiful place it is possible to look out over the city through several windows with lobed arches. In one of them you have to take a picture.

Mirador ventana de la Alcazaba

One of the windows of the taifa palace where we love to stand.

If you have thought about visiting the Alcazaba, in Andalucía 360 we have the solution. Take a look at our fantastic guided tour and let yourself be carried away by a purebred boquerón (locals are nicknamed boquerones ;-).

Guided Tour in Andalusia


Gibralfaro is a fortress that sits above the Alcazaba. Both are connected through a double wall or coracha. Undoubtedly here are the highest viewpoints of Malaga. The castle is surrounded by a pine forest that further beautifies the landscape.


If we walk up from the Alcazaba next to the coracha, this will be the first viewpoint we find. It has no official name, so we have called it Gibralfaro 1. It is quite popular, so you can find a lot of people depending on the time of day. Regarding the views, we think the picture speaks for itself.

Mirador Málaga at night

Images that remain in the retina of the viewpoints of Málaga. This is the first of the viewpoints on the walk up to Gibralfaro.


If you decide to go up by car there is a mandatory stop at the mirador that is right at the turnoff to the Parador de Málaga. Since we have focused on the western part of the city all this time, let’s now look to the east. The succession of neighborhoods, beaches, breakwaters and green areas will impress you. The morning we took this photo the sea was like a raft of oil. It is quite wide, wheelchair accessible and has some information panel.

From up here you can’t see it because of the vegetation, but just below is one of the most unique and less known places in the city, the English cemetery of Malaga. This curious place we visited in “Paths of mystery“.

Mirador de Gibralfaro sea views

Serene Mediterranean from the Gibralfaro viewpoint next to the Parador.


With very similar views and just 100 meters from the previous one is the Parador of Malaga. The access to the viewpoint is free, so you can spend a little time to visit it.


Do you feel like taking a walk. If so you have to go up to the viewpoint of the coast. You can imagine why it’s called that. The views of the coast are really spectacular. To get to the place you have to walk a path that is not very long, but uphill. This fragment of trail is part of a larger one that runs along much of the hill of Gibralfaro, is called “Sendero la Malagueta”.

The good thing about this place is that it is not very crowded. It offers great views of the horizon and you can lie down to watch the autumn clouds pass in a natural space. To get to this spectacular viewpoint of Malaga you can leave your car in the parking lot of Gibralfaro.

Mirador de la Costa in Malaga

Sharing Malaga’s viewpoints with friends is always much better (© Juan Pérez. Mirador de la Costa).


And we arrive at the castle of Gibralfaro! As a watchtower and the highest fortress of the city, it had to control the entire coastline. From each parapet, each bastion or each tower you can see a large part of the territory. Sometimes with 360 degree views. This fortress was visually connected with the watchtowers (watchtowers) that, in case of attack, warned with smoke signals during the day and fire at night.

Gibralfaro viewpoint overlooking Malaga

Probably one of the most spectacular views of Malaga (N i c o_. Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

While the southern part of the fortress overlooks the sea, to the north you can access several towers overlooking the Malaga Mountains. In the map that we leave you at the end of the post we have pointed out the places/viewpoints that in our opinion are most interesting.


As the article is a little short for our habits we have decided to propose you some viewpoints of Malaga in the surroundings of the city. Here we go.


We already talked in a post about charming places in Malaga the Botanical Garden of La Concepcion. But we bring it back to the forefront because it is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Malaga and perhaps Andalusia. A circular temple like a Greek tholos welcomes visitors with immense views of the city of Malaga and its sea. The history of the place, directions on how to get there, how much is the entrance fee and schedules we collect in the article that we indicate.

Viewpoint of the Botanical Garden of Malaga

What a great moment at the viewpoint of the Botanical Garden! (© Botanical Garden of the Conception).


Did you know that at the entrance of Malaga there is a large dam with its corresponding reservoir. The Limonero dam dams the water of the Guadalmedina, one of the two rivers that cross the city. From the top of the dam you can enjoy wide panoramic views of sea and mountains if you look to the south. And if you look to the north the water of the reservoir is framed by a mountainous landscape. It’s especially nice on cloudy days with a bit of wind.

If you have time, there is a not very complicated hiking route that crosses a unique colorful bridge. The Limonero reservoir can be reached easily by car, the location on the Google Maps map at the end of the post.

mirador Presa del Limonero

Personally we like the views towards the reservoir better than towards Malaga (© Francisco López).


The Lagarillo Blanco forest park is a natural space that has been conditioned to spend a good day in the countryside. It has barbecues and some covered spaces, but also has spectacular views of Malaga.

But if this view of Malaga is not enough, you can go even higher. It is the ideal place for hiking routes to some of the nearby peaks of the Montes de Málaga. The first is the Cross on Mount San Anton, with 495 m altitude. And a little further on is the Cerro de San Antón at 511 m. There are also some caves, but it is necessary to know the place and have the necessary knowledge and technical equipment.

Mirador Lagarillo Blanco in Malaga

The Lagarillo Blanco viewpoint is either a starting point or an ending point, but it is always an excellent place to talk (© Antonio Luis López Platero).


On the same slope of the Montes de Málaga as the previous one is the Mirador de San Antón. Here the views are of maximum height. In this case to reach the place you have to walk. It is a not very long way by track and path. You can enjoy the path as you advance through a pine forest. Also, like the previous one, it is a good starting point to climb the nearby peaks. In the map at the end of the post we indicate the viewpoints and these peaks of the Montes de Málaga of which we spoke to you.

mirador de San Antón Málaga

You have to walk to get to the San Antón viewpoint and it is well worth the climb (© Carlos Márquez).


Another category of viewpoints of Malaga would be the rooftop or terraces of Malaga. Many hotels have reconverted the old roofs of clotheslines in modern establishments of chill atmosphere, swimming pools and spaces for relaxation and fun. We are not going to go into it, but in the Malaga with charm post we talk about one of them.

Hotel Molina Lario terrace in malaga

The terrace of the Molina Lario hotel is one of the ones we like the most.


Here ends our tour of the viewpoints of Malaga, now begins yours. Use this map to navigate to those places that make us dream and stop time. And remember, if you need us to guide you through Malaga, HERE WE ARE!.

Y para no perderte nuestras experiencias 360