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Private Tour Alcazaba and Cathedral

Millennial Malaga


Pivate tour to Malaga’s monuments

Cathedral, citadel and Roman Theatre

On this 3 hour private tour you’ll be able to travel through the legacy of the three great cultures that inhabited Malaga.

We’ll begin by going back in time until the High Roman Empire period. When emperor Augusto ordered Malagas’s Roman theatre to be built.You’ll walk through its grandstands and stage. You’ll find out how this witness of Hispania Romana (Iberian Spain) fell into oblivion and was rediscovered in the XXth century.

We’ll go forward 1000 years in time while we climb to Malaga’s Citadel. You’ll discover all the history held in its walls and its palatial rooms. From the highest point you’ll be able to delight yourself with amazing panoramic views of the city and the Mediteranean’s blue.

Our tour finishes between the XVth and XVIIIth century at Malaga’s cathedral. Inside, you’ll get to know the history of this jewel of the Spanish renaissance while you walk through its impressive choir, its High Altar and its chapels laden with works of art.

The history of Malaga in the palm of your hand! Will you travel with us?



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    Prepare your visit

    Have in mind this information and suggestions before starting

    Morning and afternoon schedules:

     Check the booking form.


    3 hours.


    Distance 2 km.
    Accumulated inclination: 36 m.


     Difficulty; medium-low. Not accessible for handicapped people. We recommend the use of baby-carriers, the route goes through sections of stairways not suitable for carriages.

    Meeting point:

    Entrance to the Roman Theatre’s performance center.
    Located on the map

    Guide language:



    Tickets for the Citadel and Malaga’s cathedral. Specialized and accredited oficial guide. Audio system.


    Comfortable footwear. Be 10 minutes before at the meeting point. Have the digital or printed reservation document.

    you like to travel

    Why will you like it?

    • Private small groups to make your experience closer and safer.
    • Malaga’s most important monuments in one sole visit.
    • Expert locales guides.
    • You’ll get to know the legacy of different civilizations that have dwelled through Malaga.

    If you have any questions, contact us and we will solve it immediately.

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