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1. Forget the coat

Malaga can boast about its climate. Mild winters with an average temperature of 17-18º and warm summers with kilometers of enjoyable beaches. 300 days of sunshine a year sheltered from the cold northern winds.

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2. The Happiness of living

In Malaga people smile. The open nature, friendliness and the sense of humor of its inhabitants have made it to be considered the most smiley faced city in the world.

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3. City of Culture

The Picasso Museum, the Pompidou Center, the Thyssen, … Its historic quarters is full of museums, interpretation centers and contemporary street art.

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“Long live Malaga the beautiful, land of so much joy, that if I should ever test myself, I would give my life for it”
Rafael Flores Nieto, “El Piyayo”

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Guided tours in Malaga
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Did you know that when you hire the service of any of our guided tours in Malaga you’re helping to reforest damaged natural zones.
For each guided tour, we set aside a small ecological quota for the Almijara Association, a local non-profit organization, so it can keep on carrying out its excellent reforestation task.

Thanks for contributing to a greener world.