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We want to offer you a quality service to enrich your experience and contribute to a better development of Andalusia.

Good Practice Manual for Guides

This manual for guides that work with Andalucía 360 has been developed based on advice of the neighborhood associations, international organisms and other initiatives.

  • Every activity starts off with recommendations to the participants about correct behavior to improve cohabitation between visitors and their surroundings.

    • We’re in a vital space, not at an amusement park.
    • Modulate the volume of conversations in the street.
    • Leave space for the traffic flow of people.
    • Don’t let the group be your guide when crossing roadways.
    • Ask permission for taking pictures of people, especially children.
    • Urge participants to use public or private bathrooms.
  • Specific problems in the development of the activity will be commented, after all it’s information about the life of the residents in their neighborhood.

  • In urban environments we will always use the wireless group guide system in groups of more than 6 people.

  • Stops for explanations or rest will be carried out in sufficiently spacious places, so that the group doesn’t interrupt the roadway or the progress of daily life.

  • The guide will provide access to public basins and fountains to reduce the consumption of bottled water.

  • The guide’s recommendations should be directed toward the consumption of local products. Andalucía 360 works in a very concrete geographic range, and it pursues its knowledge and progress.

  • The guide shouldn’t only be a companion; he must be the group moderator. He must be watchful of the groups behavior (loud voices, street blocking etc..) and warn those participants whose behavior isn’t adequate. Obviously the guide lacks the authority and can’t “guarantee”, therefore this will be done verbally and with mutual respect.

  • Guides must be informed about the new municipal regulations, sign posting or traffic modifications that may affect their activity.

  • The guides have a deep knowledge of Andalusia, its province and any contents relative to their activities. The transmission of this knowledge will be carried out in the most objective manner and without prejudice. Equally it will be adapted to their activity time being able to offer extra resources for those who may want to know more.

  • Cohabitation and cordiality with the rest of the sector and especially with the local inhabitants. The guide should be the first one to set example of a responsible behavior.