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Flamenco in Granada

Flamenco Temple


Feel the magic of a Flamenco venue in Granada

Get ready to live a Flamenco show with the purest style from the Albaicin. The Flamenco Temple is a cute cave restored as a Flamenco dance floor. Every night an hour of dancing, singing and guitar make the cave walls and the guest’s soul shake. Women and men dancers, singers, guitarists and other musicians are responsible for thrilling you to the rhythm. Every day artists inspired by and in love with Flamenco put together different scenes.

Here tradition and innovation unite themselves. The Flamenco Temple has received various prizes due to its good work and the quality of its shows. Because it’s not in the Sacromonte, and it’s closer to the city, it’s also the destination of the local crowd.

The legend says that it was once a clandestine temple for religious worship. Afterwards it was also an Inn, a stable and dwelling. Nowadays it’s one of the main references of Flamenco in Granada.

Flamenco is a distinguished feature of Andalusia. But in Granada it acquires a special dimension due to the romantic image that was transmitted by the first travellers in the XIX century. The origin of this art is in the cultural fusion of the Moriscos, the Gypsies and the rest of the oppressed social groups during the XV century.

In 2010 the UNESCO classified Flamenco as Human Immaterial Cultural Heritage.
Besides the show being set in a magical place, it’s also possible to sample and taste some of the local dishes.

Choose your combination and prepare to feel flamenco!

Meeting point:

Arco de Elvira
Located on the map

Pick Up:

19:30 for the 20:00 show
21:30 for the 22:00 show


All options include pick up at the meeting point and approximately 60 minutes of Flamenco show.



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The show

Show + drink

  • Pure flamenco, without trickery. Accompanied by a drink to choose from between beer, wine, sangria, soft drink or water. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of Andalusia.

Price per adult

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Flamenco with the Family

Flamenco Show + kids menu

  • A menu for the kids. Single dish: Croquettes or small tuna pies, breaded pork steak or chicken breast, fried potatoes, dessert and one drink included (soda or water).

Price per children

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Savor and Taste Flamenco

Show + Flamenco Menu

  • First course (to choose from)
    • “El Templo del Flamenco” Salad: with corn salad, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, raisins, tuna fish, goat cheese, fried onion and with a special dressing of tropical honey.
    • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and shrimps.
    • Assortment of cold cuts and dry-cured cheese.
  • Second course (to choose from)
    • Fried pork sirloin cut in Albaicin sauce. Garnished with “Flamenco” potatoes.
    • Supreme of cod fillets with seafood and homemade tomato sauce + grilled vegetables.
  • Homemade dessert
  • One drink included in the menu: beer, wine, soda or water.

Price per adult

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Tapas and Flamenco

Show + menu tapeo

  • Dishes to share.
    • Salad “The temple of Flamenco” With lettuce, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, raisins, tuna, goat cheese, fried onion with a special dressing of tropical honey.
    • Flamenco Frying Pan Fried egg on fried potatoes with red pepper, green onions, accompanied by fried ham strips.
    • Chicken by Tangos (Traditional recipe). Chicken in a homemade sauce with vegetables.
    • Aubergines with Honey: Aubergines tempura in a sauce of black honey sugar cane.
    • Iberian Cured Meats
  • Homemade Dessert
  • One drink included in the menu: beer, wine, soda or water.

Price per adult

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